Describe and discuss at least two backup strategies:Discuss the use of cloud backup strategies

Discuss at least two backup strategies

Data backup is of critical importance and it comes to play in the events of hardware failure, system outage, data loss or any natural disasters. Two of the backup strategies which can be used are Incremental Data base backup and complete database backup (D C. & Y H., 2010). A complete database backup takes the whole database which includes entries from all the transaction logs. This restoration process overrides the present database and creates a database if it is not present (D C. & Y H., 2010). At the time of backup completion, the restored database state matches with the state of database. Incremental database backup captures and records the data that has changed from the last incremental database backup that was done. During this restore process, incremental database backups can be used to restore to a point to which the incremental backup is done (D C. & Y H., 2010). Complete database backup takes more storage space for backup compared to the incremental backup. Incremental backups are usually smaller compared to complete database backups and also they are relatively faster. It is good to make frequent incremental backups as it will decrease the risk of data loss.

Cloud based backup strategy is a most popular process of data backup which involves sending a database copy to a remove server over the internet (Lo, 2018). Hybrid clouds are used for back up processes and the advantage of using hybrid clouds is that a secondary data center is not needed for the enterprises (Lo, 2018). Cloud to cloud backup is one other strategy that involves copying the data from one cloud to another cloud. Cloud disaster recovery is growing trend in backup strategies as this involves storing copies of company’s data in a cloud environment. This allows clients and users to run applications from cloud hosted virtual servers. The main advantage of cloud based strategy is that the copies of data stored over cloud can be isolated from the data centers (“Server Virtualization using Cloud Environment for Data Storage & Backup,” 2016). Hence data is backed up and is protected from the events of data loss. Though there may be disadvantages like large recovery times due to internet bandwidth, cloud is a growing key trend which is expected to solve backup related issues in future.

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