Name at least two people who have had a great influence on the field of social psychology and discuss the contribution of each.

Social psychology

  • Name at least two people who have had a great influence on the field of social psychology and discuss the contribution of each.
  • Define the term theory, its role of theory in health assessment, and how theory can help shape advocacy and public.
  • Define the term empirical data and how it is used to conduct community health assessments, planning, and policy.

Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

HA560-6: Assess findings used to make public health planning and policy decisions.


Take a Total Health Assessment

Answer the following questions:

  1. Name of your county and state- Tarrant county, Texas
  2. Population of your county with racial and gender breakdowns
  3. Number of senior citizens
  4. Number of disabled individuals
  5. Number of children

Choose one of the populations above (senior citizens, disabled, or children) and list and describe at least two possible health concerns for that population (one should be the health concern discussed in Unit 2).

Unit 2 health concern

(There are various health concerns which have often affected the nation until legislations have been passed to address the concern. In this case, the health concern under consideration is that one of smoking in public places. Most of the states prohibit smoking in public places. On 8TH November 2005, a law which prohibits smoking in all bars and restaurants was passed in Washington. It happened after the 1985 clean indoor Air Act was amended. The definition of a public place included restaurants, bars, skating rinks, bowling centers and non-tribal casinos. It also included the private residences which are used to provide foster care, childcare, adult care or similar social services. Nearly three-quarter of sleeping quarters within a hostel is also considered as public places. The law on smoking in public places also prohibits smoking twenty-five feet of exits, open windows, entrances and ventilation intakes which serve enclosed areas in which smoking is also prohibited (Registry., 2016). )

Research your local newspaper or other source to give information on community health interventions or public policy that exist with the population you chose.

Access the link to take a health risk assessment. There are several to choose from. Choose one and report findings and recommendations for improving your health. Please summarize questions asked and also summarize results thoroughly and in your own words. Do not cut and paste answers directly from the findings given on the website. How can you utilize these results to improve your own personal health?

Format your paper consistent with APA 6th guidelines. Be sure to list all academic sources of information at the end of this assignment. You should have at least 3-5 pages, including the health risk assessment and the Census information.

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