The trial of Aaron Burr

The trial of Aaron Burr

Read “The trial of Aaron Burr” that was a landmark United States Supreme Court case. Then write a 2-3 pages paper answering the question: (DO NOT COPY QUESTIONS IN THE PAPER)

1. What important issues are raised about?

2. The authority of the Judicial Branch?

3. The authority of the President?

4. The rights of the accused?

5. How is Jefferson’s subpoena a challenge to the concept of the separation of powers?

6. Why is the question of the letters of General Wilkinson important in regards to ideas about evidence?

7. How do Jefferson feel civil rights and national security issues should be balanced?

8. How have Marshall’s previous rulings in the Bowman and Swartwout regarding treason complicated the case?

9. What is the subtle, but important, point about the indictment destroy the case against Burr?

10. How has the judiciary established itself as truly independent branch in this case?

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