Toxicity of Wood Smoke from Prescribed Fire

Toxicity of Wood Smoke from Prescribed Fire

Writing on your own:  Discussion section


In lab today, you will be following the steps outlined in your textbook for writing the discussion section of your research report.  At the end of lab, turn in as much as you have done – your response to each of the bold questions/statements below.


Writing on your own:


  1. Read the discussion sections of the journal articles that you collected during your literature search and the articles provided in your projects. From these sections, you should learn more about your topic and you may find way to describe and interpret your findings.  Examine how the authors applied their findings to a broader research context.  Identify articles that you want to cite in your paper, such as works that offer supporting or conflicting evidence


B1.  In accord with the major purposes of a discussion section, determine if you have enough information to 1) interpret your results, 2) explain the broader implications of your work, and/or 3) apply your results to a larger, broader context.  Similarly review the move structure of a typical discussion section (Figure 5.1).  Determine if you have enough information to develop all moves and submoves.  Gather together this information, an outline form or as notes, to prepare to write your discussion section.


B2.   Review your research project pdf and answer each of the questions listed under the discussion section (under “consider the following guidelines”).


  1. Begin with an outline of your results and interpretations, and then convert the outline to full sentences. Sketch out any schemes or figures you plan to include, and draft the text that will accompany those schemes. End your draft with a paragraph that concludes your paper and suggests the broader applications of your work.
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