Academic Goal Setting

Academic Goal Setting

In order to help you achieve your academic goals for the quarter, I would like you to spend some time identifying your own academic strengths and areas which you hope to improve. I would also like for you to choose which specific course outcomes you personally would like to emphasize this quarter. Write a brief narrative (minimum of 200 words) answering the following questions:


  1. Currently, what do you see as your academic strengths? How did you develop these strengths? What are some areas that you hope to improve? What are some steps that you could take to improve in these areas?

I view my academic strengths as writing, listening, and taking notes on lectures.  I have always been more of a hands-on learner, Power Points, and listening to what the teacher and other students have to say really helps me to learn.  I have always loved to write, and I feel very confident in my writing.  I feel that writing just comes naturally for me.  I also have perseverance, as well as a willingness to learn.  I am very reliable when it comes to assignments, and I have never simply left something unfinished.  I work very hard to achieve good grades, and always get assignments in on time.

An area that I could improve on is retaining what I read.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to pick and choose what will be important in a chapter, which makes tests on what we have read difficult for me.  Something that I could do to improve this area is allowing more time to read, allowing myself to take breaks, easing the pressure on retaining information in a short amount of time.  Another area that I have trouble with is focusing, which also relates to why I have trouble reading a lot from a textbook.  However, if I can find a quite place to study, and allow myself to take breaks while reading, I can usually muddle through.


  1. Review the learning outcomes for this course. Identify 2-3 specific course outcomes that you hope to focus on this quarter. Why did you choose these particular outcomes? What actions do you think you will need to take in order to achieve them?


  • Tolerate conflict and use resolution strategies when working in groups.
  • Share ideas, experiences, self-assessment processes, and listen to those of others, with openness and respect.

The reason I chose the first outcome is because I really have avoided arguments at all costs in the past, and I don’t know how I will react to conflict in a classroom setting.  I am usually the one to diffuse arguments, so it will be interesting to watch others argue what they believe to be true.  I also want to challenge myself and share my ideas with the class, which relates to why I chose my second outcome.

The reason I chose the second outcome is because in a classroom setting I tend to be quite and reserved about my ideas, and I realize that it is important for the learning of others that I contribute my ideas, just like everyone else in the classroom.  In smaller groups I am usually more willing to share my ideas, but I would like to be able to communicate my ideas with others more freely.  I do articulate well when I am in class, I just tend to be more quiet, because I like listening to what others have to say, and sometimes feel as though I am interrupting someone else’s thought process when I jump in.  My over all goal would be to be more confident about my ideas, and sharing them with the class, as well as building a tolerance for conflict.

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