Artifact Analysis Worksheet

Artifact Analysis Worksheet

An artifact is something made by a human.

It can be a form of art or a form of self-expression that has meaning to you. It can be anything that a human conceived of as art and deliberately crafted.

For this assignment, you are being asked to share your artifact with your classmates. Please consider this as you select your artifact by choosing something you are comfortable sharing and avoiding potentially offensive material.

In the Learning Resources area, there is also a document on “reading” images and text. It includes many questions which can guide deeper analysis of your artifact.


Share your artifact   or a link to your artifact in the space below. 

Include a   description of the artifact and include research on the background of the   artifact. For example, information about the artist involved.

*** Make sure to   cite your sources by including a list of any outsides sources of information   you are using to answer this question. Remember, research is always a good   thing as it shows effort.



What does this   artifact mean to you? Please explain.

To explore this, consider these additional questions:

How has it inspired or moved you? Has this artifact helped   make your life or the life of others better? How does it connect to your life   or to the educational journey you are starting along with your classmates?



Many people have artifacts displayed in their home; for   example, a certain painting on their wall. In a way, we’ll be creating a   virtual gallery of artifacts by sharing our choices as a class in the Class   DocSharing area.

How does your   artifact fit into our class gallery? How do you think your artifact communicates your life perspective to   the class? How do you think others   will interpret your choice of artifact?



Discuss in your own   words, how technology has changed human art making and human art sharing. How do you, or could you, use technology in   making your own art? 

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