Describe the nature of the problem.

Describe the nature of the problem.

Select a current practice problem/issue that has arisen in an organizational/ professional setting.

You can choose a problem based on your own first hand experience and observation or you can ask a practitioner in some organizational setting to identify one for you.

(You may probe for a possible white paper topic during your practitioner interview if it seems appropriate to do so.)

The identified problem should be somewhat narrow in scope and be related to a topic area covered in coursework you have completed in the major.  The issue is to be real in a specific organization familiar to you, subject to possible resolution.

Describe the nature of the problem.

Provide a clear definition of the problem based on questions including:

What is the context of the problem or issue?

What is the exact nature of the problem?

Whom is it affecting?

What population/group is the audience for your white paper?

What challenges has it posed?

What has been tried previously to address the problem?

Have there been any effective approaches to dealing with the problem?

What are likely consequences if the problem is not alleviated?

What are likely costs and benefits associated with differing options?

Search for and review relevant theory and research.

Turn to sources in a particular sub-field for possible insights on how the problem you have identified might be addressed.  Rely on research articles in appropriate journals, edited volumes that compile research and theory, or books for practitioners that summarize and apply existing research.

Your analysis must be based on a minimum of 7 different  research sources (excluding direct online sources such as Wikipedia and text  books that were required in your courses).

Write the white paper.

The paper of 6 – 8 double spaced pages should contain three sub-sections:

Review of relevant research (Use APA format and citations.)

Recommendations for addressing the problem

Assume that your audience is a group of practitioners who are currently facing the problem you have identified. Write the paper in a style that is appropriate for this audience.

You must include at least 1 graph/data summary and at least 2 “pull outs”/text boxes with important key facts.

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