Read and understand scientific writing

The purpose of this assignment is:

  1. Read and understand scientific writing

  2. Locate and include pertinent information in the article

  3. Write concisely and clearly, including all important information and not including any “filler”.

  4. Write in APA style and cite correctly. Include a title page and reference page at the end referencing your one article.



Now, most students lose points for these errors:

  1. Incorrect running head
  2. Incorrect citations especially for three or more authors
  3. Incorrect formatting of the title of the article in the reference page. Be sure to look up examples of how to do this in the APA tutorial or in your APA reference. Pay special attention to the formatting of the article title.
  4. Triple spacing. EVERYTHING in this paper is to  be double spaced.  You will lose 1/4 point for every extra space in your paper. If  you have 10 extra spaces you will lost 4 points before we even start reading your paper.
  5. On this first assignment, which is 20 points, 1/2 of your points are for APA formatting and style.



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