Changes since the financial crisis

Changes since the financial crisis

The financial system has changed dramatically since the 2008 financial crisis (which actually started in 2007). Also known as the Global Financial Crisis, it is considered by many to have been the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression in the 1930s. The financial crisis was triggered by a complex interplay of US real estate overvaluation, policies that encouraged home ownership, questionable trading and a myriad of other issues. During this week, you have already examined (via your Weekly Overview and Learning Resources) some of the ways in which the system has changed because of (or as a reaction to) said crisis. Moreover, you have done so while considering such themes as political economy and analysis of risk. Equipped with this knowledge, in your first Collaboration, you will analyse how the financial markets in your own country have changed as a result of the recent financial crisis.

To prepare for this Collaboration:

  • Identify the financial markets available in the country in which you reside.
  • Research how those financial markets have changed since the beginning of the financial crisis.
  • Identify the responses, if any, of your country’s government, regulators and industries to the financial crisis.

By Sunday (Day 4), in a response of approximately 750–1,000 words, address the following issues/questions:

  • Outline the main financial markets that are available in your country.
  • Critically analyse how financial markets in your country have changed since the recent financial crisis.
  • Evaluate how the government, regulators and industries of your country responded to the financial crisis. Explain what you based your evaluation on and justify your reasoning.
  • Fully justify all your assumptions and claims using your own experience, the Learning Resources and your own research. Cite your work using the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System.

Submit your initial response to the Turnitin link provided and also post to the Collaboration forum.

By Wednesday (Day 7), post three to five responses to your colleagues by:

  • Comparing a colleague’s country’s financial market to your own
  • Opening a debate about an analysis with which you disagree
  • Offering contributions based upon your prior experience
  • Extending the discussion into new but relevant areas
  • Modelling or promoting critical reflection from what you have read

Your collaborative participation will be assessed in three segments. Following the completion of Week 3, you will receive summative feedback and an initial grade based upon your participation in Weeks 1–3. At the end of the Week 5, you will receive additional summative feedback and a second grade based upon your participation in Weeks 4 and 5. At the end of the module, you will receive further summative feedback and a third grade based upon your participation in Weeks 6–8. These three assessment points will each form 5% of your End of Module grade, for a total of 15% for your participation posts overall.

Please note that you should spread your three to five weekly collaborative participation responses over a minimum of 3 separate days for each week. This will help maximise the value of your collaboration with colleagues and serve to meet the learning objectives for each activity.

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