Criminology Research Methods

Criminology Research Methods

Discussion 1-Criminology Research Methods (250 words)

The Practice of Social Research_ Earl Babbie- Chapter 2 talks a lot of about theory and how theory is linked to research. Use this discussion forum to brush up criminological theories, sharing the theory you think is the strongest for accounting for some type of crime (and defending your statement) as well as the theory you think does the poorest job accounting for that same type of crime (and again defending your statement). Suggest other theories for the crime types identified by your classmates—and defend your statements

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Discussion 2- Cameron’s Post (150-200words)

Classical and Positivist Theory are two different criminological theories. Classical theory has to do with the offense, and the positivist theory has to do with the “actor” of the crime. Regarding the classical theory, this theory states that people have free will and can make their own decisions. This means that they have a set and rational mindset. Due to this, the classical theorists believe that “punishment is capable of deterring crime, so long as it is carried out without delay and is appropriate and in proportion to the crime committed.” This means that the classical theorists believe that people should be held accountable for their wrongful acts.

The Positivist Theorists believe that crime is caused by social and psychological factors, which would mean that they do not believe that people know what they are doing. This would be the classical theory. To explain more about the positivist criminological theory, they believe that people are born well until something in the environment/background/family makes them change.

I believe in some cases, crime can be used in both the classical theory and the positivist theory. If murder were an example, I believe that someone will commit murder out of complete rationality and due to upbringing. A crime like this one can go both ways.

If I were to choose a crime that has a strong positivity for one and a negativity for another, I would choose a crime like robbery, theft, or cannibalism. Regarding theft and robbery, I believe robbery and theft is done by rational decision. In some cases, robbery or theft is done to help the family with food, money, and staying alive. People do not deserve to become charged with an extensive crime, if they did not have the mentality to harm, or kill, another human being. This means that this crime belongs towards the classical theory and not positivist theory. The criminals in this case do not have a psychological problem, but are rational in every way. Regarding cannibalism, this is an illness. Classical theory focuses on rational people and the crimes that they commit, but a cannibal is not rational at all. A cannibal most likely became this way due to a social or psychological phenomenon.

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