Topic: For your first essay, you will choose ONE THEORY OF EPISTEMOLOGY. You will argue 2 things:

1. Why you prefer this theory (such as Rationalism) over other theories (such as Empiricism or Relativism)?

a. What arguments are the most convincing?

b. Why are the other theories’ arguments NOT convincing?

2. Which reading you think supports your argument for this theory (such as Descartes’ Meditations, or John Lockes’ Essay Concerning…)?

a. For this section, you should use a reading discussed in the book to support your argument.

b. Be sure to use “ “ marks if you quote these readings and tell me the writer’s name.

Your entire paper should be around 750-1000 words. That means you should answer each question with 350-500 words.

Reading: To answer these questions you should use this books—

· William Lawhead, “The Philosophical Journey”

· Pages 83-87 (Rationalism)

· Pages 113-120 (Empiricism)

· Pages 182-201 (Relativism)

You will find this book under “Content”

Here is a rubric I will use to grade your paper:

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