The Power of Introverts

The Power of Introverts


(10 Points)


1).        Please watch the video, “The Power of Introverts” accessed through the link below:


2)         After viewing, address the following questions in a reflective and thoughtful manner. Your response must be in paragraph form.

  1. What is the message of the video?
  2. How might Jung’s theory of personality apply to this video? Be specific.
  3. What was your reaction to this video?
  4. Did the video change your perspectives on introverts? Explain fully



Reflection Rubric
PointsQuality Indicators


Above Average


All questions addressed in a thoughtful and reflective manner; evidence of critical thinking and insight; no grammar/spelling errors; paragraph format





Some insight evident; most questions addressed; some spelling/grammar errors; some superficiality of content noted; some spelling/grammar errors; response not in paragraph format

Below Average

Little insight or critical thinking present; superficial responses to questions; grammatical/spelling errors noted throughout; few questions addressed
0No submission
-2 PointsFor each day beyond due date


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