Additional Topics—Leadership; Motivation

it’s His Job, Not MiNe

Primary Topic—Delegation

Additional Topics—Leadership; Motivation

As administrative manager of the hospital’s diagnostic imaging department, you have found your workload increasing to the extent that you now definitely need assistance, especially with some of your nonmanagerial duties. One of the first tasks that comes to mind as available for delegation is your monthly statistical report. The report itself is fairly easy to create, but gathering the data is a time-consuming activity.

You select an employee to do the report, and you provide the necessary instruc- tions. In doing so, you are certain to choose an employee who you believe is capable of doing a decent job and who has sufficient time available. The individual you select expresses no opinions or feelings for or against taking on the report.

Two days after assigning the task, you find that the report has not yet been started. You remind the employee; the employee tells you that completion of other work has delayed the data gathering. You emphasize the need to get the report done on time, but the assigned person seems in no particular hurry to get into the task.

One day later you accidentally overhear a portion of a conversation in which the employee to whom you have assigned the report says to another employee, “. . . his lousy statistics, and I think he ought to do it himself. It’s in his job description, not mine.”


• Describe what you might have done incorrectly in delegating the statistical report to this particular employee.

• Decide what, if anything, you can do to try to correct the employee’s attitude as revealed by his comments to the other employee.

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