Authority; General Management Practice; Time Management and Personal Effectiveness

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Primary Topic—Leadership

Additional Topics—Authority; General Management Practice; Time Management and Personal Effectiveness

After 8 years as a staff nurse in a medical/surgical unit, Julie was appointed head nurse of that unit. After a meeting at which her promotion was announced, Julie found herself surrounded by three coworkers offering their congratulations and other comments.

“I’m really happy for you,” said Sarah, “but I suppose this means our car pool is affected. Your hours are bound to be less predictable now.”

Elaine said, “And the lunch bunch, too. Management commitments, you know.” The emphasis on management was undeniable. Julie was not at all sure she was happy with what she was hearing.

Jane offered, “Well, maybe now we can get some action on a few age-old prob- lems. Remember, Julie, you used to gripe as much as we did.”

“We’ve all griped a lot,” Sarah agreed. “That’s been a way of life around here.” Her tone changed and her customary smile faded as she added, “Now Julie’s going to be in a position where she can do something, so let’s hope she doesn’t forget who her friends are.”

Elaine and Jane looked quickly from Sarah to Julie. For an awkward 10 seconds or so, nobody spoke. At last, someone passing by spoke to Julie, and as Julie turned to respond, Elaine, Jane, and Sarah silently went their separate ways.


1. What possible advantages does Julie have in becoming supervisor of the group of which she has long been a member?

2. What are the possible disadvantages that may present themselves to Julie? 3. If you were Julie, how do you believe your promotion would affect your

relationships with your former coworkers?

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