Criticism and Discipline; Employee Problems and Problem Employees; Methods Improvement

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Primary Topic—Decision Making

Additional Topics—Criticism and Discipline; Employee Problems and Problem Employees; Methods Improvement

You are manager of the health information management department of Memorial Hos- pital. You have 20 people in your group. Three of your employees have the title super- visor, but all are usually more involved in doing the work of the department than in supervising others. One of these, your transcription supervisor, is expected to devote 60 percent of her time to transcription duties and the other 40 percent to supervision.

Several times in recent months the transcription supervisor has mentioned that the backlog of work was growing and that she needed more help. She has never been more specific than simply saying that “more help” was needed, and her complaints seemed to be no more than passing remarks offered without preparation or forethought. Since you have been under pressure from a number of directions and your transcription supervisor’s complaints seemed to represent no more than chronic grumbling, you have not felt compelled to add the transcription backlog to your currently active worries.

However, today, Monday, the transcription supervisor sought you out and con- fronted you with: “I need one more full-time transcriptionist and I need her now. I’m tired of waiting and tired of being ignored, and I’m sick of being overworked and taken for granted. If something isn’t done about it by Friday, you can find yourself a new transcription supervisor.”


Propose at least three possible solutions to this problem and describe the potential advantages and disadvantages of each.

The case places you in a trap. Describe this trap, explain why it is a trap, and explain how you believe you should proceed toward a solution in view of the hazards you face.

Explain what you believe is the general condition that caused the specific prob- lem described in the case. Who is responsible for the matter, and what can be done to address the cause?

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