Discriminatory Behavior toward the LGBTQ Community

Discriminatory Behavior toward the LGBTQ Community


First, overall, this draft could use a lot more statistical treatment to help us understand the general background of this form of discrimination. Also, there is a lot of epidemiological data on levels of suicide, drug addiction, and so forth, which in the LGBTQ community, and these data points would be very important.

Second, you do need to have more in text citations for several of the piece of information given. this goes for virtually all the paper, but especially with respect to the role of support from family, the role of parents, and so forth.

Finally, the latter part of the paper talks about the important role of teachers in this entire process, which is good, and true. However, you need to dig into the literature in more depth to explain the way that educational support can enable a better quality life for these folks.



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