Analyze the relationship between Alymer and Georgiana in Hawthorne’s short story, “The Birth-mark.”

  1. Analyze the relationship between Alymer and Georgiana in Hawthorne’s short story, “The Birth-mark.” In what ways do mind and heart, imagination and feeling, and attitudes toward masculine and feminine behavior determine the success or failure of the relationship?


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Checklist for Writing an Effective Research Paper


Your research paper is not another version of your annotated bibliography. Do not have one paragraph concerning one article followed by another paragraph on another article and so on. Your paper has a thesis and you must create the topic sentences and the body of each paragraph based FIRST on the primary text and then SECOND on the secondary sources. They chime in, but they do not dictate your paragraphs. Write this:  “According to Keeley, Alymer shows …’


  • Does your first paragraph introduce your topic, name the writer and the work you are writing about (your primary text), and explain your purpose or thesis?
  • Is your thesis clear? Does it state the central idea of your essay? Do you thoroughly explain your purpose?
  • Have you used terms, including literary terminology, correctly? Have you defined all the important terms?
  • Is your paper organized in a way that your reader will be able to follow your argument?
  • Are your developmental paragraphs unified (everything in the paragraph relates to the topic of the paragraph) and coherent (everything in the paragraph is arranged in a logical order)?
  • Does your paper flow? Have you used transitional words where necessary within each paragraph? Are there transitions linking all the paragraphs of your essay?
  • Have you used adequate support for your points, including brief summary, paraphrase, specific details, and direct quotations? Have you explained why you are using them and how they support your central idea?
  • Do you have enough scholarly sources?
  • Have you integrated quotations effectively into your paper?  You should have specific quotations from both the primary source (the text of the story or narrative you are writing on) and from secondary sources (the critical essays from journals). Make sure you introduce each quotation properly and put it in context. After you put in the quotation, explain it to your reader. Do not do this:

“In Jonathan Cook’s “Poe and the Apocalyptic Sublime; ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’”, it is explained that the apocalyptic sublime theory …”

Instead, do this:

“Jonathan Cook explains that the apocalyptic sublime theory …”

You never need to include the full title of any article in your paper because that title is in your Works Cited, so putting it in your paper is redundant. Also, the critic is the speaker so put a verb next to his or her name and be done with it. No need for other language to get in the way.

  • Have you used correct grammar and mechanics? Do you have run-ons or fragments? Too many short, choppy sentences? Do you have ambiguous pronouns?
  • Do you use MLA format properly? Do you have a Works Cited page? Are the names of your journals in italics? are the titles of the essay articles in quotation marks? Did you include all the pages of the article? volume number, issue number, and year of the journal?
  • Have you given your paper an appropriate title? Does your title describe your approach?
  • Have you used all the correct literary conventions? Did you avoid the use of first person? Did you use present tense?
  • Your essay will propose a central idea (thesis) that is supported and developed with several body paragraphs that grow systematically out of the central idea. Everything in the essay must be directly related to the central idea and must contribute to the reader’s understanding of that central idea.
  • Both the primary source, the selected text, and secondary sources are required to support the thesis.
  • Four to seven secondary, scholarly sources are required. Do not use unreliable online sources, such as Wikipedia or SparkNotes. Only scholarly sources are accepted.

Everything in the paper, including citation and the Works Cited page (see attachment for an example), must follow current MLA guidelines.Bottom of Form


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