Communication And Group Behavior

Communication And Group Behavior

Each response must have a minimum of 150 words MUST have references for each response!

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  1. It is not by coincidence that communication and managing conflict are discussed in the same chapter. What connection do you see between communication and managing conflict from a manager’s perspective?


  1. What role does ego play in group and team communications?



  1. What are the communications needs in organizations?


  1. How can leaders manage productive and unproductive conflict?


  1. Reactive dynamics are further discussed in this LinkedIn Article titled “Is your communication strategy reactive or responsive?” What can you say about your current or past company’s communication strategy in relation to being reactive or responsive?


  1. How does moving from patriarchy to partnership affect group and team communications?


  1. How do reactive dynamics affect group and team communications?


  1. What strategies for skillful communications are discussed in this reading?


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