Create multiple marketing campaigns for use in a digital marketing plan



  • Create multiple marketing campaigns for use in a digital marketing plan

  • Detail actions or tactics involving advertising, social media, and email for a digital marketing plan

  • Identify metrics to analyze for the evaluation of plan success


Read the details provided for each of the worksheets below.  Then, download the worksheet and complete it sometime during week two of the course.  Upload all three required worksheets for the week (7, 8, and 9)


In each assignment there are instructions on how to fill in the grid.  The examples provided within the documents are based on a franchise of Once Upon a Child which is owned by one of the former PDM instructors.  These examples are included to set a precedent of expectations.  Please use your own business/product that you are working with throughout the course to fill in the charts.

Worksheet 7: Campaigns

On Worksheet 7, you’ll be tasked with creating and listing “campaigns” that your business or product should conduct.  A campaign is a mission that incorporates several organized methods (tactics, in our case) in order to achieve an objective.  On this worksheet, I’ll be evaluating how you intend to achieve the objectives that you’ve set for your business or product using these collections of related tactics called campaigns.

Worksheet 8: Media, Ads, and Email

Worksheet 8 will task you with listing your plans for digital advertisements, social media posts, and emails.  I’m interested in seeing your marketing activities include both paid and unpaid efforts. Please share how you plan to utilize these methods (ads, social, email) to achieve high levels of success for your brand.

Worksheet 9: Plan Evaluation

How will you know if your plan is successful?  What data can you show to support your claims that the plan has worked or failed?  In the ninth worksheet, you’ll be asked to identify metrics to track and analyze.

The assignment rubric

The rubric for this assignment has been provided as a download below.  Please keep this rubric in mind as you complete your worksheets this week.  Understanding this rubric is key to understanding how to make a top grade and from where deductions originate.

The file has been appended as a download rather than injected as an image for the convenience of mobile viewers.

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