Write a 10-page paper which analyzes ways that the earthquakes in California (1994) impacted society

Write a 10-page paper which analyzes ways that the earthquakes in California (1994) impacted society.


Use the three sources listed at the bottom, and use APA format.

Using the feedback you received from your instructor on previous assignments, your paper should include the following elements:

(1) Describe the disaster and the events that took place (including the survivor and responder behavior).

(2) Identify the vulnerable populations and the way the disaster affected them.

(3) Discuss ways that the disaster brought about social change (both within EM and within the impacted community).

(4) Analyze a theory or theories that could be connected to this disaster. Your paper could also include detail on the way that the media was used in the disaster, how it affected mental health, and how first responders responded to the event.

Your paper should be in APA format, include a title page and reference list (these may be included in the page count), and should incorporate at least three scholarly sources that you retrieved from the Waldorf library.

The three sources are listed below:

Klein, F. (1994, August). International technical communication after a large earthquake. Technical Communication, 41(3), 508+. Retrieved from http://link.galegroup.com.libraryresources.waldorf.edu/apps/doc/A16100939/AONE?u=waldorfcoll&sid=AONE&xid=f9d27800

The day the earth moved. (1995, April 5). Hospitals & Health Networks, 69(7), 32+. Retrieved from http://link.galegroup.com.libraryresources.waldorf.edu/apps/doc/A16771434/AONE?u=waldorfcoll&sid=AONE&xid=1524cc5f

Quake’s impact reverberates through L.A. (1994, March). Building Design & Construction, 35(3), 9. Retrieved from http://link.galegroup.com.libraryresources.waldorf.edu/apps/doc/A14934364/AONE?u=waldorfcoll&sid=AONE&xid=d3bd9be7

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