Explain the concept of an integrated health system.

Instructions are attached an must be followed

This week, your assignment is to develop a comprehensive PowerPoint

presenta on in support of or against the concept of partnering with the VA as

an integrated healthcare delivery system. Ensure you discuss the following in

your presenta on to the BoD:

1. Explain the concept of an integrated health system.

2. Differences between the two types of hospitals— investor-owned (forprofit)

academic health ins tu on versus the hospital system of the

Department of Veterans Affairs.

a. Discuss issues surrounding funding, access, and quality of care

received by VA pa ent beneficiaries.

Week 2 – Assignment: Explore Differences between Federally Funded and

Non-Government Hospital Systems

b. Explain the two types of hospitals in terms of healthcare

services and the effect of pa ent demographics on the

healthcare delivery system.

3. State the advantages and disadvantages of such partnership with the


4. State your posi on and support your decision as to why you think

Jones & Jones should or shouldn’t form an integrated system with the


Length: Prepare your response to the BoD in a 2-3 page briefing.

References: Support your work with a minimum of three scholarly resources

referenced on a separate page.

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