Looking to the Future: Your Career in Child Development

Looking to the Future: Your Career in Child Development

Three segments I choose were Marie Chanel Spurgeon, Barbara Parks and Toni Porter and these appelaed to me because I admired the roles and the knowledge they spoke in regards to their professional role in their feild.

Marie Chanel Spurgeon an infant/toddler specialist her job is to not only to superviser the teacher but to step back and observe the children’s cognitive, social skills, and their fine and gross motor skills through play. Also she assist how to develop individual plans for each child to help them grow and progress in their development. Marie make sure that the security from who their around constantly/consistency. Maire also scaffle their learning curriculum based upon the children’s routine care and the realtionship that is given form the teacher as well as herself.

Barbara Parks a parent support specialists assist each parent to whatever help that is needed so that they are successful at home. She does monthly home visits which requires her to go inside the home to mentor/evaluate the environment of the child’s home or to see if their is any further assistance needed from the parents, also they conduct these meetings in the center as well to focus on the child’s development (assesments). When parents unrealstic goals/milestones for the child Barbara then offer/assist in parent education to identify and understand thoes goals/milestones.

Toni Porter a professional development supervisor oversee several state wide program intiatives regarding professional development for early care nd education productions in the state. The department has a training and they are assisting with trainings and trainings to make sure they are out producing quality products (consistency) to see how they are using them that is giving them products and their thoughts so they make them meaningful.

The insights related to dispositions I will need to work on as I seek to be more effective in my work as an early childhood professional is to further my education, and work toward my professional role as an educator.


Looking to the Future: Your Career in Child Development”


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