Zhejiang Corporation of China Telecom

Zhejiang Corporation of China Telecom

(Databases; and Otis Elevator Company)

Reading: Course Reader: Otis Elevator: Accelerating Business Transformation with IT Case Study, Messerschmitt, UNA, Chapters 6, 7; Laudon and Laudon, “EMIS”, Chapter on “Foundations of Business Intelligence: Databases and Information Management”. (Work on the homework problems and do the readings concurrently.)


Homework Problems

For each problem below proceed in the following structured manner: define the problem; plan the treatment of the problem; execute the plan; draw conclusions.


  1. A CIO Perspective on Information Technology Management.

Carefully study the Tom Gill’s TIM 50 presentation, “Technology Management – A CIO Perspective”, on the class website. Prepare a short well-structured 1-page summary of Tom’s presentation. Then list at least 3 key lessons that you learned from this presentation



  1. “Zhejiang Corporation of China Telecom” Case Study:


Please read the case study Zhejiang Corporation of China Telecom, and answer the following questions:

1) What are Zhejiang Corporation’s key lines of businesses? Also, Comment on the success of each one of them.

2) What is EDW and what factors lead to its implementation at Zhejiang Corporation? What are the goals the company hoped to achieve with this change?

3) Briefly describe the hardware and software architecture of EDW at Zhejiang Corporation.

4) What strategies were employed by Zhejiang Corporation to prevent losing its fixed line customer base? Also comment on how analytics drove the business decisions at Zhejiang Corporation.

5) Briefly describe the product development lifecycle adopted by the marketing team at Zhejiang province.

6) Comment on the impact of EDW at the Jiaxing branch of Zhejiang telecom.



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