Defining the Information System Infrastructure:Describe the organization and structure including the different business units and their functions

Defining the Information System Infrastructure

Select a hospital or healthcare organization to research. You may choose an organization you are familiar with or can readily obtain information about. To maintain confidentiality, you do not need to mention the name of the organization. You may also choose a hypothetical/fictitious healthcare organization.

Others have researched several healthcare organizations, which have suffered major security breaches, extensively.

  1. Describe the organization and structure including the different business units and their functions. You may use an organizational chart to provide this information.
  2. Choose one or more mission-critical systems of the healthcare organization. Define the information protection needs for the organization’s mission-critical protected health information (PHI). This information is stored in database medical records for doctors, nurses, and insurance claims billing systems, which are used to fulfill the organizational information needs.
  3. Define the workflows and processes for the high-level information systems that you have just identified that will store PHI. Workflows and processes for healthcare organizations define how the organization gets its work done. They describe the movement of patient information to the business units that have needs to process and manage that information, from billing to physician care. All these organizations have hardware and software implementations of their information systems, and it is critical to understand these components, and how they are connected (known as their topology), so the appropriate protections can be applied. Your research may produce instances and examples of how an information system is connected, to include cybersecurity components like firewalls, in the information system and network diagram. Be sure you understand the benefits and weaknesses for the different network topologies.

    You may incorporate what you find in your research, in your definition for workflows and processes for the high-level information systems and provide explanation of how that topology fulfills the mission for the health care organization. Your definition should include a high-level description of information systems hardware and software components and their interactions. Take time to read the following resources. They will help you construct your definition.

    • Information systems hardware
    • Information systems software

You may supply this information as a diagram with inputs, outputs, and technologies identified. Consider how you might restrict access and protect billing and PHI information.

  1. The links shown below provide access to essential information you’ll need to complete this part of the hospital’s information system infrastructure definition. Click each link, review its resources, and refer to them as you compose this part of the definition.
    • Open Systems Interconnections (OSI) Model
    • TCP/IP protocols
    • network protocols

You will include these definitions in your report.

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