HONDA automobile industry

HONDA automobile industry

Each student will concentrate on one Automobile Company (GM, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler or others) For me, I choose HONDA automobile company


Industry           Strategies for Tough Times

Mission:           Analyze the Automobile Industry

Company:        Each student will concentrate on one Automobile Company (GM, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler or others)


  • Perspective: You have been hired as a manager at the Automobile Company you have selected and must participate in business strategy meetings during your first week of work. You will need to prepare for the planning meetings by researching information about your company.
  • Prepare and submit an analysis of your selected Automobile Company’s business situation, including recommendations for the future.


Evaluation Criteria

 10Summary of the history of the automobile manufacturer, including sources
 10Provide mission, vision and core values for the company.

  • Do they provide the direction necessary to motivate employees to be their best?
  • Which item(s) do you feel best motivate the employees?


 10Discuss information you find in articles about the management team, include sources.

  • Is management planning to expand the business?
  • What is the human resource forecast? Is the company hiring/laying off?
  • What strategy does management seem to focusing on?
  • Does management seem to be making ethical decisions?
  • Do you agree with the direction the company is heading?


 20Create a SWOT Analysis to assess the business environment of your company.

  • What specific examples of the external environmental forces  are affecting the company, including competition and the economy?


 10Describe the type of organization chart used by the company.

  • Is the company organized by functional divisions (for example, 1 marketing dept) or by product divisions (mktg dept for each product line)?
  • Is it able to accomplish the organizational goals using principles of line and staff?
 20Identify a major product related quality problem that the company is facing.

  • Is this problem affecting customer satisfaction?
  • Can it be improved?
  • What improvement do you recommend?
  • What cost items might be incurred for your recommendation?


 10What would you suggest to the management team to make your company more competitive especially in the current difficult times? Provide facts to support your recommendations.




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