Risk Management: Your risk register and risk matrix

Risk Management

Your final project will be to draft an information technology (IT) project management plan using the materials you generated throughout the various assignments in this course.

A project management plan is an overarching plan that addresses how the organization is going to organize, execute, and manage the plan and provides the team with a roadmap for how the project will be organized, managed, and monitored by the project manager, stakeholders, and senior management.

Using the project management plan template provided below, your task is to complete the project management plan by filling in the seven areas identified. This will require that you use the project scenario worksheets, the textbook material, and the assignments that you completed during this course.

Some areas will be as simple as inserting tables, charts, and graphs that you previously prepared while other sections of the document will require that you generate written descriptions.

Each of the seven sections of the project management plan will require an introductory paragraph of no less than 150 words that explain your understanding of the topic, but the writing requirement for section 6 is a minimum of 250.

Section 1—Introduction: This section should provide a recap of what the MSI project is about. In this section, you will also provide the mission statement.

Section 2—Project Charter: In this section, you will provide the various elements produced in the MSI project charter as well as the organizational chart you developed.

Section 3—Scope Management: This section will be completed using the work breakdown structure (WBS) that was completed for the MSI project.

Section 4—Schedule/Time Management: Following the introductory paragraph, there are three elements that you will use to complete this section: the RACI matrix, project schedule, and your CPM network diagram.

Section 5—Cost/Budget Management: Using your budget and estimate assignments, you will complete this section.

Section 6—Quality Management: This section will require you to describe your understanding of project quality

management and how it applies to the MCI scenario. The writing requirement for this section is a minimum of 250 words.

Section 7—Risk Management: Your risk register and risk matrix will be the sources for your entries into this section.

You are encouraged to be creative and innovative in completing your work products and tasks identified

in the assignment. You are required to use at least one source from an Online Library for this assignment.

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