Topic 6: Femininities

Topic 6: Femininities

To what extent, and in what ways, is female “bodywork” (Brace-Govan, 2002) a
source of empowerment or disempowerment for physically active women? In your
response, be sure to refer to specific examples of “bodywork” drawn from your own
experiences and/or observations of either sport or exercise culture, or both.

Topic 7: Social Class

Explore the ways in which sport participation can lead to a reproduction of socioeconomic
status as it works with other forms of capital (as outlined by Bourdieu). In
other words, how might those with economic wealth use sport to reaffirm or further
solidify their position within a stratified society?
Or, how are individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds, by participating in
sport, reproducing or reestablishing their place within the social class hierarchy?

Topic 8: Sport, Race, and Ethnicity

Critically examine the relationship between sport and ethnicity. In so doing, look
into how the sport media in particular reproduce racial binary logics through their
commentaries and depictions of athletes from different “racial” categories.

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