Topic 9: Sporting Subcultures

Topic 9: Sporting Subcultures

To what extent, and in what ways, do contemporary sport subcultures offer an
alternative to the sporting mainstream? In answering this question, you can refer to
one, or more, sport subcultures.

Topic 10: Sport and the Neoliberal City

Critically examine the diversity, position, influence, and experience of sport and
physical culture within a current major U.S. city (not Baltimore).

Topic 11: Sport and Community

To what extent, and in what ways, did Foley’s (1990) classic study of the
relationship between high school sport and local community mirror how these
sports are portrayed on television or within the media more generally? Be sure to
discuss the degree to which (if indeed at all) high school sport proved to be a focalpoint
for community identity and a force of community cohesion (communitas), and
discuss if and to what extent in these media representations sport is portrayed as a
site for reproducing social division and hierarchies.

Topic 12: Sporting Nationalism

Critically examine sport’s role in the re-invention of the American nation as an
“imagined community” (Anderson, 1983) within the post-9/11 context. More
specifically, focus on the relationship between sport, the military, and American

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