Define dynamics as it relates to the counseling profession

Define dynamics as it relates to the counseling profession

Dynamics generally refers to a situation that is ever changing. Based on the evolution theory of human development, it can be said that human beings are dynamic, moving from Australopithecus to the current Homo sapiens. The information within the case study is all about marriage and how several issues pertaining to marriage have been changing with time.

There has been a major shifts in the way in which marriage is instituted that makes it mandatory for counsellors to understand within the counselling process. While for some time it was a taboo to engage in same sex marriages, such marriages have begun to become very common in the recent years. In some nations, marriage bills have had to be changed so as to accommodate the issue of same sex marriage. Currently people argue that as long as there is love between the two partners, then, the issue of sex orientation should not be of major concern. In United States of America, for instance, gay rights have been established and people can marry whoever they want. Such dynamism in marriage has forced the counselling profession to also shift and change the manner in which certain issues are viewed. Counsellors and currently being forced to even offer marriage advice to such changing marriage structures. Counsellors have to learn how to offer support and advice to such same sex institutions whereby in some nations they have become legalized.

Dynamism has also been seen in the amount of divorce seen among the married people. In United States of America, the rates of divorce drastically rose and reached a certain point where the rate levelled off. The figure is believed to have settled at 50% after a long period; in other words, this means that 50% of all couples marrying at a certain time are likely to get a divorce any time after they get married. Years before, divorce was viewed as a taboo; to those following the deep Christian teaching viewed divorce as a seen in which the Christians should not practice. Currently, all people with respect to race, ethnicity and religion practice divorce; it has become something very common in the American culture. Counsellors must therefore be ready to always deal with issues pertaining to divorce. With regards to divorce prevention, there is need for counsellors to ensure they educate expected couples to be on several matters pertaining to the marriage life. Marriage is not simply two people coming together and becoming one; other than love, there are lots of issues which are involved in between the two partners. Finance management, roles, cultural factors and children are some of the significant factors in which couples must always be enlightened on before deciding to become one. The counselling profession needs to evolve and become as dynamic as possible to ensure such upcoming trends are reduced. Couples need to be educated and taught so much pertaining marriage so as to ensure they do not get into marriage with so much high expectations.

The issue of divorce is directly related to the kind of family structures currently on the rise. Single parenthood has turned out to become a common family structure in which most people are presently embracing. Once divorce has occurred, children may either go with the mother or the father. In many occasions, they will always go with the mother, who mainly wins a child’s custody especially when they are still not old enough to make decisions. The number of single mothers is not only rising in the United States of America, but also in other areas of the world. In other cases, women decide to simply get children through men who may in the end not be their husbands. Women get into relationships just for the sake of getting a child or children but do not remain committed to one man. This has been a major change seen when compared to the old days when a woman was expected to stay with a husband. In fact, in certain communities, it was a shame for a woman to have children but no father. This has been a major change which should as well come into the attention of the counselling profession. Relationships are drastically changing bearing in mind the manner in which emotions may affect individuals. The counselling profession once again needs to evolve so as to ensure counsellors can cater for such single parenthood families where a father or a mother is lacking. There is need to ensure single women and men can raise their children in the right way possible. In some cases, it also not the wish of a father or a mother being a single parent; a case such as death for example, happens as an unfortunate event which may leave one as a single parent. Counsellors need to brace up and know how they can effectively handle cases associated with single parents in addition to their children.

Dynamism within the case has also been seen with respect to the management of economic resources. In many cases, this simply refers to financial resources which is a key source of divorce in many marriages. In the old days, men were the bread winners, with 90 to 100% of the family cash coming through the man. The scenario, was greatly contributed by the fact that a woman was always seen as tool for home chores and home related works. The gender role of women traditionally did not allow them to go out and work as in the case of the men. Women were also denied chances to become learned, a situation which still continues in some of the nations in Africa and also the Middle East. Currently, much has changed especially in the developed nations where women sensitization programs have become very common. Women are currently attending schools and have been offered equal opportunities just like the men. In leadership also, women have been empowered towards taking even the top possible leadership positions within various developed nations. In United States of America for instance, the last general elections saw a stiff competition between a man and a woman, clearly showing the manner in which several issues have changed with respect to the girl child. In short, women can currently earn as much as the men and do not necessarily need to depend on men even when they go into marriage. From the fact that a man and a woman in marriage both can earn some amount of money from their careers, it has become evident that there is need to introduce financial management strategies within marriages. Couples need to be educated on the effective ways to manage finances as part of the dynamism which has occurred within the marriage institution. Counsellors need to understand the strategies to enlighten couples on best strategies to incorporate financial resources together and use them for the benefit of the entire family.

Dynamics from the case study have also been witnessed as a result of the cultural issues associated with marriage. Culture has been recently found to be a major factor that must always be put under consideration. In the recent years, intermarriages have been heavily encouraged among people from different races and ethnic backgrounds. In such cases, blacks may be found marrying whites or the Hispanics marrying the Latinos. Such intermarriages have several impacts in marriage as a result of the culture in which the spouses may be originating from. One key reason leading into the drastic increase of divorce to some extent has been the intermarriages between spouses. Most couples go into marriage failing to have a deep understanding of the cultural background of their spouses. Success in marriage is partly dependent on certain cultural beliefs. Counselling profession must therefore enlighten spouses on the critical factors associated with marriage and culture. Traditionally, people used to marry individuals from their own tribe, race or ethnicity. Cultural factors were therefore not a major factor to be considered as the couples understood what is required of them in marriage situations. The counseling profession must thus include the issue on cultural diversity so as to help partners from diverse backgrounds live effectively with the possible differences they may possess.

Dynamics has also been very visible from the gender roles associated with men and women in marriages. Currently, the counselling profession has evolved in the manner in which gender roles define men and women. Currently, women have been given the same position as men with respect to education and also issues pertaining to employment opportunities. The traditional role of men not entering the kitchen is also slowly changing with the men being forced to take some of the women roles within the house. The counselling profession must change and show the men that it is not the role of the women alone to enter the kitchen. They also need to help whenever women are also held up in a number of activities.

In conclusion, dynamics is all about an ever changing condition or situation. The counselling profession has been changing due to the way in which the society values and practices changes over time. What is a taboo today may be something ethical some years to come. Based on the case study concerning marriage, a lot has changed within the marriage institution as explained above. All these changes clearly show what dynamics is all about. These changes have again been directly involved with various impacts within the counselling profession as explained in this report.

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