Leadership behavior and motivation

Leadership behavior and motivation

Unit III Discussion Board QuestionCOLLAPSE

Unit III focuses on leadership behavior and motivation, and this discussion board serves as an opportunity to tie-in the previous unit (trait theory) with leadership behavior and motivation. Analyze the leadership behavior and motivation of a manager or leader from your current or a former employer. In your discussion, include the following:

(a) Discuss this leader’s behavior by applying one of the leadership theories discussed in Chapter 3 (e.g., University of Iowa leadership styles, University of Michigan leadership model, Ohio State University leadership model, leadership grid).

(b) What motivates this leader’s behavior? Discuss your observations of this leader’s motivation by applying one of the motivation theories discussed in Chapter 3 (e.g., hierarchy of needs theory, two-factor theory, acquired needs theory, balancing work-life needs, equity theory, expectancy theory, goal setting theory, reinforcement theory).

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