Maintain a focus on technological issues and solutions.

Technological issues and solutions.

Base your research paper on one of the industries mentioned in the case studies in your ManyikaPreview the document reading, which explore the state of several industries and the technologies that might make them more efficient. You’ll choose an industry and a major challenge that the industry faces. You will elaborate on the automated system(s) that could help the industry overcome the challenge. You can choose from 1) Medicine, subject: hospital emergency rooms; 2) airline, subject:  aircraft maintenance; 3) oil and gas, subject:  oil and gas predictive maintenance; 4) grocery, subject: improved customer experience; 5) mortgage, subject: customer applications.

Almost all information in a research paper comes from an outside source and should have a citation at the end of every sentence or paragraph and matching bibliographic entry (also referred to as references) at the end of the paper. Include citations, footnotes, and endnotes using the Word “References.” You are required to use the Word Reference tool

Step 2 of 4 Steps: Problem Statement

What is a major problem  your industry subject faces? Suggested structure for the step 2 submission:

  • Describe the industry
  • Summarize the problems that the industry now faces
  • Narrow the topic to one problem or two problems named in the case study
  • References with 2 or 3 entries (you will add more later)

Maintain a focus on technological issues and solutions. Tip: The substitution of technology for humans is not an acceptable focus for this research.

Your problem statement submission should be no more than 2 paragraphs. See formatting guidelines below.

You may submit a second draft after I have scored and provided feedback on you first draft only if you consult with a Barry University Writing Lab specialist before you submit the second draft and I have received an email from the specialist containing the content and date of your meeting. Writing Lab specialists are available by phone, online, or in person in the Garner Building on the Miami Shores campus. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Please review a peer’s problem statement. See your Canvas page for a video on how to conduct a peer review. The timing is somewhat delicate in that your submission must be completed on time so that your peer may commence his or her review. Your instructor will give you more details as the time arrives.

Step 3 of 4 Steps: Technological Solutions

For this part of the research project, you will copy your Step 2 text (the “Problem Statement,” with modifications as you see fit) and follow that content you’ll add  research on the technologies that solve the problems. I will return suggestions for improvement after you submit your first draft. You may submit a second draft of this “solutions” part of your research project under the same conditions as noted above regarding a meeting with a Writing Lab specialist.  Using your sources outside of your Manyika reading, research the automation solutions suggested by the case study of your choice. For example,

  • Registration kiosks
  • Robotics
  • Personal Safety technology
  • Sensory perception technology
  • Document handling

There are many other solutions that will be interesting to research that may not be suggested in the Manyika article.

Step 4 of 4 Steps: Final Draft

  • Create a title page with your name and the title of the paper only in any format you choose.
  • Put the problem statement and solutions together.
  • Add a conclusion that is no more than 5 sentences, unless you feel absolutely compelled to say more.
  • Make sure your bibliography matches your in-text citation.
  • Proofread.
  • Edit–take out the irrelevant and repetitions; adjust grammar and spelling; make sure one sentence follows another logically, and the same for paragraphs.
  • Format: except for the title page, your text is 12pt Times Roman, double spaced, 1″ margins, and a running footer in 10pt type with the title of your paper. Page numbers are in the upper right corner in the format “1 of 5.”
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