Supply Chain and Operations Management

 Supply Chain and Operations Management

 Word limit is 1750 words.


Learning Outcomes Assessed

– Apply modern supply chain management principles and practice, including the evolution of modern operations management theory, to business cases.

– Analyse the process of supply chain management decision making.

– Apply and analyse appropriate management frameworks which can be used for the planning and control of materials and services, from the viewpoints of quality, quantity and cost analysis.

– Appreciate and utilise the range of tools and techniques available to aid efficient and effective supply chain managerial decision making.



In this assignment you need to show that you can analyze your selected case study organization and compare Cross Docking Practice against a comprehensive Literature Review of your selected practice. You should develop a significant individual literature review during the course of the assignment and assessing its operation in terms of its supply chain management. Students should develop the arguments critically and not simply describe. Secondary research required. No primary data is allowed to use.

Harvard referencing should be used and all references are to be shown in a “Reference section” at the end of the report.

Students are expected to use minimum 12 peer reviewed academic journal articles as part of their critical evaluation in main body of report.


Assessments must be all your own work and must not have been copied in part or in whole from any other source, such as books or the internet, or from other students’ work. If you wish to use another author’s exact words in a short quotation this must be clearly marked up in inverted commas with the exact source given, including page number, so that the reader can clearly see which words have been copied and are not your own. Just quoting references used at the end is not sufficient.

Please see your course handbook or the Faculty website for more information on referencing and university regulations on plagiarism.

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