Analysis on You Attitude

Analysis on You Attitude

In professional (business and technical) communication, “you attitude” (also called “you view” or “you viewpoint”) has been long and widely regarded as a useful tool to reach and communicate with an audience. The assumption is that it helps communicate messages from the reader’s point of view, engage readers by making them feel involved or self-important, establish good will by addressing, or at least paying attention to, the concerns and needs of readers, etc.


In many ways, “you attitude” helps make communications more personalized, therefore more effective, according to professional communication experts.


For this assignment (in memo format addressed to the instructor), you are to analyze the Website of one business organization of your choice to see how “you attitude” has been applied in its cyberspace communications. The following questions may help you brainstorm if you find it a little challenging to frame the analysis (feel free, however, to go your own way to do the assignment as long as you are able to analyze the Website in terms of “you attitude”):


  1. Can you identify the “you attitude” on the site? What makes you think it is? Do you have examples to support your claim? If so, what are they?
  2. Is the “you attitude” used effectively given the audience, purpose, and context? Why, or why not?
  3. Assuming yourself as a target audience, what do you think can be added, cut or revised to make the use of “you attitude” more effective for the site?


The assignment is due Wednesday, July 25. Make sure to include the URL of the Website in your memo.

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