Discuss Georg Simmel’s class‐based “trickle down” model in relation to fashion adoption in the 1950s.

Georg Simmel’s class‐based “trickle down” mode

ASSIGNMENT TWO – Essay 2: 1800 words

Worth: 45%

Specific due dates for all assignments are on the calendar at the end of this document

Choose ONE Essay Topic from the following:

  1. Analyse how fashion and art were influenced by the totalitarian ideologies of the National Socialist

Party in Germany, referring to other historical examples where relevant.

  1. Discuss Georg Simmel’s class‐based “trickle down” model in relation to fashion adoption in the

1950s. Consider whether this “class‐based” model is an accurate method of understanding absorption

and copying of high fashion by consumers other than elite clients of Paris fashion houses. What do you

support as an alternative interpretation?

  1. Did Paris regain its position as the world center for haute couture fashion after World War II?

Discuss this in relation to the rising profile of art and fashion in America in the 1950s.

  1. Discuss the blurring of boundaries between some streams of fashion and art in the last decades of

the twentieth century. Comment on the designs of Vivienne Westwood and Jean‐Paul Gaultier to

support your analysis.

  1. Present a critical analysis of the significance of TWO Japanese designers on the international fashion

catwalks into the 1990s and beyond. Include relevant discussion on specific methods of construction

and materials used in the fashions. Designers to feature could be Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake and/or

Yohji Yamamoto.

  1. Notions of “the body” often feature as a site for enquiry in both art and fashion. Discuss this by

comparing and contrasting the conceptually provocative work of 21st century fashion designers

Hussein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen.

  1. Provide an account of Australiana motifs and Indigenous Australian designs as they appeared in

Australian fashion in the 1970s and 1980s. Make reference to Australian art and design where relevant.

Cite a minimum of 8 different author-based academic sources in the body text of this


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Literary skills: grammar, spelling, punctuation                                                /10

Clarity/coherence of language and structure                                                   /10

Presence of a relevant argument / thesis followed                                         /10

Evidence of relevant reading,

Research correctly referenced                                                                             /10

Contextualisation of ideas / concepts                                                                 /10

Ability to identify key issues                                                                                        /10

Depth of analysis                                                                                                            /10

Ability to make an informed opinion/Argued position                                           /10

Historical/artistic contextualisation of at least four relevant images                    /10

Standard of overall presentation and quality of images                                         /10

TOTAL MARK                                                                                                         /100




All essays are to be submitted online by the deadline via Blackboard or as instructed by your tutor. Turnitin will be open for students to self-check Draft essays three weeks prior to the due date. Please follow and check the guidelines below before commencing and submitting and essay for final assessment

An Assignment Coversheet with your student details is a mandatory inclusion as page one of your essay. You must type your name or insert your signature in the declaration section. Your assignment will not be assessed without the coversheet.

  • Submit your essays in MS WORD format. Ensure they are unlocked so comments can be added.
  • Upload via Submit Assignments in the ASSESSMENT ZONE section of the blue menu in Blackboard.
  • Title the final version of an essay as per this example, SMITHJaneVIS#Essay#FINAL.doc
  • Write the essay question in bold single spacing at the top of the page on which you begin your essay.
  • Do not include a Table of Contents or any headings in your essay.
  • Number each page.
  • Use font size 11 or 12 in Calibri or Arial for body text.
  • Use smaller font size and single-spacing for image captions/citations.
  • Use 1.5 line spacing for body text and double spacing between paragraphs.
  • Paragraphs to be 5 – 10 sentences in length.
  • Use italics and no quote marks for titles of books, artworks, catalogues, films and magazines.
  • Do not exceed the word count. Word count includes direct quotes and footnotes but does not include bibliographic entries or image captions.
  • No more than 10% of the total word count to be comprised of direct quotations.
  • Include and refer to at least 4 relevant images unless otherwise agreed with tutor.
  • Images can be approx. ¼ page in size and no larger than 1/3 of a page.
  • Images to be presented within the body of the essay, not at the end.
  • Do not cite from Wikipedia or Blog sites in essays.
  • Do not copy and paste body text direct from any source unless it is referenced as a direct quote.
  • Do not submit any text that has been previously submitted for another assignment.
  • In-text citations must be included or assignment cannot be assessed.
  • Include at least one in-text citation per paragraph and format them in line with Chicago 16th or 17th edition e.g. (author year) as follows: (Krauss 1993).
  • Reference List and Bibliography must be included or assignment cannot be assessed – (see details below).
  • Present images with Figure #s, captions and correct referencing format as per your tutor’s instruction.
  • Utilise the Turnitin ‘self-check’ option to check for plagiarism prior to submitting for assessment.
  • Save a copy of your completed assignment as a backup.
  • Double check after uploading to ensure you have uploaded the correct and FINAL version of your essay.
  • Consult with your tutor if you are unsure of any of the above prior to submitting.




All research must be acknowledged in accordance with the Chicago Author-Date referencing system. It is essential to reference all researched material and direct quotations throughout the body of the assignment through in-text citations. In-text citations can be placed at the end of the sentence you are referencing as in the following examples:

  • lMore recently, the allusion to Fascism in Bellmer’s La Poupée series of work has been noted (Krauss 1993).

Alternatively, if you are including the author’s name in your body text:

  • Rosalind Krauss (1993) has commented on the allusion to Fascism in Bellmer’s La Poupée

A Reference List and a Bibliography are required at the end of every essay. A Reference List is a list of allthe sources you have cited in your essay. A Bibliography is a list of all sources you have consulted to prepare your essay whether you have referenced them or not. The Reference List and Bibliography should be listed alphabetically in the Chicago referencing style. Please refer to the Chicago referencing guidelines for examples and explanations of in-text citations and bibliographic entries at this Curtin Library website:http://libguides.library.curtin.edu.au/content.php?pid=141214


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