Organizational Diversity, Culture, and Globalization

Organizational Diversity, Culture, and Globalization

For this discussion, choose one organization with which you are familiar. Imagine that (just like Monsanto) you are tasked with developing a program to both send employees to another country and accept their employees as well on a temporary basis.

**Create a scenario where you have been tasked with making recommendations for expansion to a specific country and discuss in terms of Hofstede’s five dimensions.

*Evaluate the need for any cultural and diversity initiatives within this organization as a result of the program.

Briefly describe three specific recommendations for your company for both the employees being sent to this country and what you will do as the host country for the new employees. Additionally, address how these cultural and diversity initiatives will positively or negatively impact organizational success metrics such as retention, new products, new markets, job satisfaction, and commitment, among others?

On what type of evidentiary or other foundational support should the organization base its initiatives?

Include in the discussion your literature-grounded analysis regarding the value of cultural and diversity initiatives in an organization. Be sure to support your analysis and recommendations with citations from peer-reviewed journal studies to lend further credibility to what you posit.

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