Monitoring Public Health In Developing Countries

Monitoring Public Health

The challenges associated with monitoring public health increase in developing countries. Due to a lack of a robust infrastructure in many developing nations, a considerable number of diseases and conditions go unmonitored. In today’s climate of global interconnectivity, the failure to detect an emerging threat in a developing country could very well result in a pandemic spreading around the world. This is one of several possible implications of inadequate disease surveillance. The Discussion this week is concerned with how inadequate surveillance might influence ethical decision making in developing countries.

To prepare  Analyze the ethical considerations associated with insufficient surveillance. Consider your own position on who should be held responsible for public health in developing countries.

Post an analysis of the ethical implications of not investigating diseases/conditions in developing countries. Formulate a position on who should be held responsible for establishing, maintaining, and monitoring public health surveillance systems in developing countries.

Support your suggestions with additional scholarly resources. Use APA formatting for your Discussion and to cite your resources.

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