The Helping Process

The Helping Process

Assignment3–Peerevaluationandreflectivejournaloncapstoneproject experienceandprofessionalexposure-Individualreport– Dueweek12



Reportshould include the following components:


  • Aminimumof 1000words report outlining yourprofessional development duringthe professional exposure.


Report should include the following six parts.


1) The firstpart is a Title page, yourname, school and student number.

2) The Second partistechnicalskillsdeveloped during ProfessionalExposure.

3) The thirdpartis a summary of professionalskillsdeveloped during ProfessionalExposure.

4) The fourth partisreferences in IEEEreferencingstyle.

5) The fifth part is the signed ‘completion of professionalexposure/exposure certificate’ and/or

evidences of attendance ofprofessional events.


Details of Report


Thereport shouldbe1000wordslong,plusfigures,tablesandreferencesandanyappendices originatingfrom theactualreport inindustry.Notetheappendicesmentionedherearedifferentfrom the weekly diary of activities. Thereport should have the following sections:


  1. Title page, your name, schooland student number(2 Marks)
  2. Technical Skills Developed During Professional Exposure.Write technical reflective journal on the following points: ( 10 Marks)

4.1Write asummary of overallprofessionalexposure. (1 Mark)

4.2 Did you have prior knowledge tounderstandtheprofessional expectation?Map all unitsthat was useful during yourprofessional exposure andhow did you apply yourprior knowledge and skills. (6 Marks)

4.3What are the new technical skills or knowledge did you learn fromindustry? (2 Marks)

4.4Where can you use thatexposurein future? (1 Mark)


  1. Professional SkillsDeveloped During ProfessionalExposure.Map youroutcome to ACSCBOK

knowledge key words ( 10 Marks)


  1. a) Identify thespecific skills that your specific practicalexposure bestmatches to and state why that is s
  2. i) Include a good example fromyourpracticalexposure to demonstrate how you mayhave developedinthe skillsidenti (2 Marks)
  3. ii) Justify yourself by filling in the “Graduate Outcomes Table”(Appendix A). The justificationshould reflect thestageyouarein your development of theskil(3 Marks)


  1. b) As you look into the future as a networking graduate, use your professionalexposureto address the following questions:
  2. i) Based onyour professional exposurewhat would you like to change inthe way andmanner you approach your study? Explai(1 Mark)
  3. b) What would you recommend to those who structure your degree programto changeto ensure you become a successful networking professional in future? (2 Marks)


  1. c) Your plansfor your future as anetworking gradua(2 Marks)



  1. i) What typesof work environmentsattract you the most?
  2. ii) Are there specific networkingchallenges that you are more interested infor the future?


iii) Have your ideas about your futuredirection developed duringthe practicalexposure?


  1. iv) Which specific aspects of yourprofessional exposure did you enjoy the most?Which aspects didyou not likethe most?How will these influencehow you think about your future as a network professional?


  1. References (3 Marks)


You should referenceall the materials you have used in preparing this report. Ensurethat yourreport follows the IEEEreferencing format.


  1. Professional ExposureCertificate / evidences ofattendance / participation (5 Marks) Exposuredetails.

For each period ofworkexposure (thereshould only be one)list of:

5.1.Name of employer

5.2.Type ofbusiness

5.3.Your job title

5.4.Datesof theexposure

5.5.Full detailsof yourprofessionalsupervisor (name, position, email, phone number)

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