Describe the background of crypto currencies and how they are “produced”, function, and how they are priced

Research Paper:

Topic #1(a): Discuss your position on a single world currency (are you for it or against it and why). Here you will have to discuss the pros and cons of a single world currency either from the viewpoint of your home nation or from the viewpoint of an MNC based out of your home nation. Discuss the possible logistical, political hurdles that may hinder the possibility of a single world currency. What form will this currency be? What will it look like? What would you call it?

Topic #1(b):  Describe the background of crypto currencies and how they are “produced”, function, and how they are priced. Discuss the possibility of using a crypto currency as a single global currency. What are the possible ramifications? Is there any danger?

Required length : 10 pages double spaced. – Do not “stretch” your paper to make it meet the minimum requirement. This means I expect 1” margins with 12 font times new roman or 11 font Calibri. I will verify that the paper is proper length. The paper length does not include a cover page or the reference sheet.

Style: I expect full citations. I do not care about what style you use (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). As long as you keep it consistent, you can follow any of these styles or some combination/modified version of these styles.

For students who choose topic 1, you must talk about both (a) and (b) but how much of the paper you dedicate to each subtopic is completely up to you. Some students are very interested in crypto currencies so I expect a large portion of their paper to be on (b) while other student might spend little time talking about crypto currencies.


Topic #2: Discuss what is happening currently between the United States and other countries (China, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, EU) with regards to trade tensions. You can pick one specific country (China might be the easiest as there is more news out there about the US and China moving towards a trade war). You will want to find background information about past trade wars to be able to inform your discussion about the possible impact that the current trajectory might have on the United States and the other country.

If you choose topic 2, it is much more free form than topic one. However, it is more current even driven so you will have to research recent actions taken by the Trump administration and retaliatory actions taken by other countries.





Quality of the mechanics of writing: This is not an English composition class. The papers should be written well enough that I can read it and understand what you are trying to convey. I will not mark off for minor grammatical and spelling errors as long as it does not interfere with my ability to comprehend what it is you wrote.

As long as the paper is the proper length and uses appropriate references (citations) and the “story” is logical and comprehensible, the lowest grade you will get is 80%. The additional 20% must be earned based on “what” you wrote and not “how” you wrote it.

Due at midnight on the last day of class.


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