The World Cup Soccer Project in Ethiopia 


You are required to submit a final paper (between 10–12 pages) in the form of an executive project management high level report to your company’s Vice Presidents and Directors. In this paper, you will apply a range of project management principles and methodologies presented in your textbooks by Jack Gido, James P. Clements, Harold Kerzner, and other scholastic articles/cases used in this course.

Scenario: The World Cup Soccer Project in Ethiopia
You have been hired as a consultant by the World Cup Soccer Project in Ethiopia Committee to manage the planning, execution, and closeout of all World Cup Soccer games in Ethiopia-East Africa.

The assignment is known as the “World Cup Soccer Games in Ethiopia Project” and the goal is to produce a report addressing project management activities and tasks that will be handled by the team that you will lead. There are a total of 20 teams and although all travel (flights, bus, etc.) into Ethiopia will be handled by participating countries, your team is responsible to coordinate the following:

Hotel stay
Transportation to the games
Medical personnel

In your report, you should provide information on how your company plans to coordinate the activities during the game. This includes everything from choosing the venues to what time the activities should start/end. Your Project Management proposal execution report should also discuss the challenges and mitigation strategies that you and your team will implement for the World Cup Soccer Games in Ethiopia that will take place for 20 days in Ethiopia in 2026.

Connect your report to what you have learned in the textbooks by Gido, Clements, and Harold Kerzner by including, at minimum, the following topics:

Project initiation (project selection)
Effective project management
Project planning
Work breakdown structures (WBS)
Managing risks
Costs and budgets
Schedules (time/delivery)
Internal and external resource utilization (team)
Project communications
Performance and monitoring of the World Cup Soccer Games project
Project closure
Lessons learned

The final project must include or demonstrate the following:

A minimum of four scholastic references
Accepted research approaches and citation format (APA)
Is well developed, organized, coherent, and unified
Conveys your understanding of the readings and concepts
Displays proper grammar, spelling, and mechanics

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