Research an IT service based company called RELX Group 

Case Study Analysis

Research an IT service based company called RELX Group

Understand the nature of services and the service strategy employed by a successful services based enterprise with a focus on innovation and service differentiation.

Your task is to research an IT service based company called RELX Group and using publicly available information, analyse the organisation and its business model, the market it operates in and its competition. You should describe the nature of the service offered by the company and its service strategy in terms of the operating strategy, service concept and competitive strategy. Your research and analysis must be presented as a detailed report in a format that is suited for a senior management audience, and must highlight clearly the innovation and service differentiation that has led to the success of your selected case study. Please cite and reference the research included using the Harvard style. A report between 5-6 pages. Use 10 references to analyze.

Structure of the report and marking criteria

Service concept20
Operating strategy20
Competitive strategy20
Service differentiation20
Oral presentation/recorded presentation10
Overall report quality (writing style, layout/formatting, spelling/grammar)5
Appropriate and correctly formatted referencing5
Total (will be scaled back to a mark out of 20)100