The 9/11 Attacks from the perspective of George W Bush


In this assignment, you will submit your FINAL PAPER. Your final paper must be 5–7 pages of text, plus a title page and APA-formatted reference page. You may include properly cited graphics, such as pictures, maps, and graphs if you like. You must use and cite at least 5 scholarly sources; Wikipedia, encyclopedias, and websites that are intended for a general audience are not scholarly sources. You may supplement the 5 scholarly sources with news articles.

For the Course Project, write about an historical event between 1865 and the present day from the perspective of an historical figure who participated in the event. Here are some examples:

The March on Washington from the perspective of Martin Luther King, Jr.

September 11th 2001 from the perspective of George W. Bush

The attack on Pearl Harbor from the perspective of Franklin D. Roosevelt

The ratification of the 19th Amendment from the perspective of Alice Paul

The Cuban Missile Crisis from the perspective of John F. Kennedy


For this assignment I decided to go with the event that occurred on September 11 2001 in the perspective of George W Bush. One of the reasons I chose to do so is that it had a major impact on our country and how things are now in comparison with how things were before the event. Another reason is that I was alive at the time so still remember the chaos of the moment and since I saw the news stories and the reactions at that time, I’ll have more to say.


  1. Introduction

Short story (attention grabber) something with me being at school when this happened and remembering thinking oh what the president must have been going through at that moment.

Thesis: Being in office for less than a year, George W Bush must deal with a great amount of stress and panic as a terrorist attack unfolds in downtown New York.


  1. Body
    1. Major events and warnings before the actual day.
      1. Warnings about Al Qaeda advancing.
      2. Intercepted communications from Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia.
  • George W Bush Doesn’t get some of the messages because he’s traveling.


  1. Day of attacks
  2. Hour by hour analysis of what Bush was doing or where he was at.
  3. Reaction, where he went what he did after. (he was at a Florida elementary school at the time)
  • Notes from President bush on the day of attacks.
  1. Events and moments during the 12 hours of time before Bush makes a speech to the public.


  1. Aftermath
  2. America will never be the same anymore. (more security, TSA, Harsher rules)
  3. Bush blamed/inside job/could’ve been prevented. (Bushes take on all this)



lll. Conclusion

  1. It hasn’t even been a year into president Bush’s presidency and he is faced with one of the greatest disasters in American history. He had to be careful with the whole world watching and anticipating what was he going to do next.
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