California Cultures: Asian Americans

Cultures: Asian Americans

Review 2 of the 5 online exhibitions that make up California
Cultures: Asian Americans. The five exhibitions are: Everyday Life
and Cultural Traditions 1860s-1980s; Gold Rush Era to 1890s;
Early 20th Century; World War II; and New Communities, 1960sPresent.
Each exhibition presents a collection of photographs.
While the online experience of viewing an exhibition is necessarily
different from walking through galleries and looking at objects in
person, each collection of photographs offer a particular
perspective and paint a specific narrative.
For your exhibition review, please consider what the major theme
or aim of the collection of photographs is. How do the image
come together to offer a particular narrative? What is the narrative
or story that is being depicted in these images? How is “Asian
Americanness” defined and depicted in these images? What does
it mean to be Asian American?
Be sure to carefully examine the photographs and to use them as
evidence of your claims. Be specific in your analysis and
organized in your writing. Remember that exhibitions are curated,
meaning that decisions are made as to what should and should
not be included. Think carefully about what the curatorial
decisions depict about the Asian American experience and
identity. What constitutes “Asian American” in these images?
Uploaded onto Canvas is Sylvan Barnet’s guide on to how to write
an exhibition review. While this guide is for a physical exhibition, it
is generally helpful in considering online exhibitions as well.
Please read through it.
Each review must be 750 words. Please be sure to use proper
citations using the Chicago Style.

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