Critical Reflection 

Critical Reflection

● 3-4 pages, double-spaced

● Reflect on the readings you’ve done so far and consider how your understanding about

teaching/special education/disability has grown, changed, or been challenged.

Incorporate ideas/quotes from at least three texts.

● The purpose of this assignment is for you to engage meaningfully and deeply with the course readings as they become part of your growing knowledge base of what it means

to work as a teacher in the field of special education.

● While you should reflect on your own beliefs, values, and experiences, the primary focus

of the paper should be on the concepts and theories from the readings.

● This critical reflection should be different from your first critical reflection. You


● Deep and critical engagement with class readings/discussions, especially as they relate to theories/histories/goals of special education and inclusion.

● Reflection

● Conventions

Proper citations and no plagiarism with quality and timely paper.

Use all three readings in text citations throughout the writing.

Also remember to answer What do these readings make you as a teacher

Answer all with at least three references

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