Ending Slavery Through Disunion”

Ending Slavery

Please respond to the following questions: (Note: Please respond to the following in at least 175 words. In addition, please make a substantive comment (at least five sentences) to one [1] of your classmatesMake sure to provide examples that will expand your classmate’s response. Do NOT attach responses to the thread.

In responding to this week’s questions students need to keep in mind that these are “mini essays” more than “discussions”. This is the only opportunity that students will have to demonstrate their command of the topics under discussion, so every student should make these responses count. This applies to the classmate response as well.

  • From the second e-Activity and this week’s readings, give your opinion of the fundamental reasons why Lincoln issued the Proclamation, and outline the major reasons why the Proclamation did not apply to all areas of the United States. Speculate on the extent to which Lincoln’s vision of freedom for the freed people aligned with those of black soldiers and philosophers of the day. Provide a rationale for your response.
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