A cross-functional work team where the employees are empowered to research, analyze, and develop new products and services.

Cross-functional work team

B6731 M3 Assignment 2 Case Study

The bank president has asked you to work with Jeffrey Lay to develop a cross-functional
work team where the employees are empowered to research, analyze, and develop new
products and services. In addition, the president wants to recruit for this team internally
before you can consider external recruitment and selection. Because of the potential
earnings from the new products and services, current employees who are selected for this
team will earn a promotion and be transferred to headquarters.
In addition, the potential services and products this team could work on include
centralized Information to share documents between bank branches, e-banking, cyber
cash, self-inquiry facilities where customers can get information without entering the
bank, security and fraud detection, and so forth. The team will research and select the
new product and services projects working with employees within the bank and other
professionals in the banking industry.
This cross-functional work team will require experts from different functional areas who
have skills in researching, developing, planning, and implementing projects. Candidates
who are good team members with a history of collaboration and sharing are preferred. In
addition, select team members who have excelled in their current positions and who are
known to be open to innovative ideas and ways of thinking and working.
Jeffrey Lay and you have decided to investigate potential team members and make
recommendations for each function as well as team members. You have reviewed
performance appraisals and employment information, talked with co-workers and
supervisors, and interviewed candidates.
In a meeting where you compared your recommendations, Jeffrey Lay had issues with
three of your recommendations and discussed his candidates and issues with this project.
Here are your notes on the three candidates:
Aditi Patel requires disability-related absences once or twice a month for doctor’s
appointments and treatments. She is being fitted for a new prosthesis next week. She has
never completed a task late and frequently works extra hours to aid her co-workers.
Further, her co-workers talk about her skills as a team member and leader in her twenty
years of experience. Further, she is considered an outstanding instructor and course
developer with superior performance appraisals and course feedback. She has just
received a doctorate, and is further interested in training employees in mentoring
customers and educating customers on financial literacy. She has also expressed interest
in developing programs for children to learn about money and banking.
Diego Cruz is a Hispanic employee who has been passed over for promotion the previous
year. This is the same year that Diego became a citizen. He has received superior
performance appraisals and has successful marketing projects. He has worked in the
banking industry for twenty years. His co-workers talk about his attention to detail and
research skills as well as his creativity in developing marketing campaigns. Past
supervisors say he is a good team member and is well liked by co-workers. On the other
hand, his current supervisor does not feel he is a good team member. He has a Master of
Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. One of his goals is to aid
minority businesses to increase their success rate.
Donald Ford has a reputation in the company for being a successful team leader and is
well liked by his peers as well as employees. In his fifteen years of experience, his
projects are delivered on time and his teams are known to be self-directed and
collaborative. His team members and supervisors rate him highly on his performance
especially in his decision-making and team development skills. However, he has
questioned Jeffrey Lay‘s decisions in the past and is passionate about ensuring his teams
receive credit for their work. He has a master’s degree in project management, and has
expressed interest in improving team performance and in developing services to aid
minority customers.
Jeffrey Lay wants to promote and transfer his mentee, Andrew Fastow, to be the team
leader. People in the company know Jeffrey Lay has ensured his mentee and friend got
previous projects that led to promotions. In addition, he adds, “I do not want anyone as a
team leader who questions my decisions.” Further, he agreed Diego is a good employee
but adds, “I prefer people who were born in this country” and “his supervisor tells me he
also questions decisions and feels he has better ideas.” In addition, he expressed concerns
about Aditi Patel’s disability and feels people who need to take time off for disability
related medical purposes should be subject to the same absentee policies as all workers.
In addition, Jeffrey Lay explained that anyone can do training and an expert from this
function is not needed since this is not important work.
You explain your process of selecting the candidates and the policies, procedures and
EEOC requirements that must be followed for Human Resources Jeffrey Lay stated, “We
can get around these policies and your legal concerns, I do this all the time and the
President does not care.” He also explains he does not feel this type of team will be
successful and the research and planning for developing new products and services is a
waste of time. You agree to research, re-evaluate your selections, and set a new meeting.
As you are leaving, Jeffrey Lay reminds you of his position and says, “What I say goes.”
When you return to your office, you call your supervisor who asks you to write a
recommendation report. This report needs to describe the situation, provides your
recommendations, and will be used by Human Resources to aid you in addressing the
problems, issues, and dilemmas. Your supervisor and the head of Human Resources will
review your report, aid you in managing the situation, and determine a plan of action.