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Hong Kong protests over low wages

Hong Kong protests over low wages Review the video below titled “Active Constructive Responding” (5 min 34 s). Click here to access the video if it is not playing correctly below. Next, describe a scenario within your organization or an organization you are familiar with that was similar to the scenario shown in the video. Describe which of the four (4) communication responses from the video occurred in your chosen scenario. Determine one (1) way the individual(s) in your scenario could have improved the response to ensure that it falls within the active constructive response criteria. Justify your response.


Review the video below titled ” Review the video below titled “Active Constructive Responding” (5 min 34 s). Click here to access the video if it is not….

Determine the capacity (number of seats) and justify your decision based on expected seat turnover rates


For the duration of the class, you will be working on an ongoing design project that will be completed in several phases and culminate in an evaluation of the work and the decisions that were made. The purpose of the Design Project is to provide an opportunity to apply the concepts and principles you are learning in this course to the actual process of design and layout of a food service facility. Once complete, the project can be added to your portfolio at Portfolium.  —[if adding, remember to credit all group members]—

The project will be group based if more than one student is in the class.  You [the group] will be tasked with developing a new food service concept from the following four options;

A 140-seat….

submit a network drawing listing the network’s topology including any necessary hardware.

Network’s topology

The Acme Corporation is a new startup that wishes to sale their new phone to the public called Acmephone, a more secure version of the phone to business organizations, called the Acmephone B+, and highly secure version of the phone, called the Acmephone G+, to the government. Due to the fear of corporate espionage and government security requirements, there are many security concerns that must be addressed. As a security professional, you have been employed todesign a network infrastructure for their two campuses located in Atlanta and Cincinnati based upon the following specifications: 1. There needs to be a constant connection between the two locations that can carry at least 50 Mbps of data.

2. Each facility has three floors. The buildings are rectangular with each….

Submit a three- to five-page (800–1,200-word) security policy write-up for the antivirus, spyware, and adware policies for a medium-sized organization

security policy write-up

Submit a three- to five-page (800–1,200-word) security policy write-up  for the antivirus, spyware, and adware policies for a medium-sized  organization. Be sure to suggest security tools, and set up a schedule  for maintaining a company that is free of infestations of malware. Also, this paper  should be in the form of a security policy.  You will need sections such  as Overview, Purpose, Scope, Policy, and Enforcement

What are six tasks you need to complete in order to develop the skills you will need for this type of position?

Develop the skills

Career opportunities in IT are strong and are projected to remain strong over the next ten years.

Research various IS and ITjob posting systems using such resources as the University Career Services, Monster, or the U.S. Department of Labor, to find the background and job requirements for different positions in the industry (e.g., systems analysts, business analysts, software engineering positions, etc.).

Use the software of your choice, such as Microsoft® Word or Excel®, to develop a 1-page career plan with answers to the following questions:

What is the career goal (or position) you want to pursue and why? What is the salary range for your chosen Career Goal position? What are three skills you need to develop in order to get a job in your….

The marketing and sales departments’ customer tracking and promotion processes (CRM system)

customer tracking and promotion processes

A critical part of any IT project is testing. This is especially true when an IT project will affect customers and their relationship with the organization.

Your Mobile Ordering Project team is helping to plan an internal alpha test of the new HB Company Mobile Ordering App to find the initial round of bugs and unintended consequences of its use, including how it interacts with the existing information systems.

You are tasked with matching the customer’s mobile ordering interactions with HB Company’s internal processes and information systems.

For example, when someone installs the app, the following is affected:

The marketing and sales departments’ customer tracking and promotion processes (CRM system) The IT department customer data security processes and systems

Identify ten possible customer….

Memory Impairment:Compare and contrast changes in the brain and memory that occur with each type of memory loss

Memory Impairment

Memory loss or impairment can be difficult to deal with because it affects many aspects of life. Many factors and conditions can lead to memory loss, including strokes, head injuries, drug use, depression, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. Conduct a little research, and report on two different types of memory loss. Compare and contrast changes in the brain and memory that occur with each type of memory loss. After discussing specific types of memory loss, provide a few suggestions for improving memory based on what you learned about memory systems in this week’s readings.

Use data such as number or quantity of the product in the market, frequency of use, or social and economic benefits to support your choice.

Product in the market, frequency of use, or social and economic benefits

In today’s complex global economy and with the added demands created by increased population growth, it seems that the world community is in desperate need for sustainable solutions to our environmental issues. Since environmental degradation affects economic opportunities and reduces health standards, we must take an active role in creating and implementing sustainable solutions, placing sustainable development at the center of economic, environmental, and social goals. Recycling, energy alternatives, carpooling, and consuming less are examples of sustainable approaches and solutions.

Activity Instructions For your course project, research one or more consumer products that are unsustainable for at least one of the reasons below:

It is adding to the pollution of the environment. Its environmental cost outweighs….

Job Characteristics Model:Analyze the job using the Job Characteristics Model

Job Characteristics Model

The job characteristics model, designed by Hackman and Oldham, is based on the idea that the task itself is key to employee motivation. According to the theory, five core job characteristics should prompt three critical psychological states, which lead to many favorable personal and work outcomes. Respond to the following:

Identify a job you know well and provide a brief summary of what the job entails (what are the daily work activities). Analyze the job using the Job Characteristics Model. You must use all the five core job characteristics. Discuss the finding. Include the “score” for each core job characteristic and discuss the related critical psychological states and personal/work outcomes. Suggest additional actions that might be taken to improve the motivating potential score of the….

Applying Theories of Motivation to Situations:Self-Determination Theory/Cognitive Evaluation Theory

Self-Determination Theory/Cognitive Evaluation Theory

Over the decades, numerous theories of motivation have been developed. Most of the older theories have been shown to not be particularly valid and, therefore, not good predictors of motivational force. More contemporary theories can explain the motivational force in particular situations well. Therefore, industrial/organizational (I/O) psychologists must understand which theory best predicts/clarifies human motivation based on the particulars of the situation.

For this assignment, the following contemporary theories are considered:

Self-Determination Theory/Cognitive Evaluation Theory Goal-Setting Theory Self-Efficacy Theory Reinforcement Theory Equity Theory/Organizational Justice Theory Expectancy Theory

Using the Argosy University online library resources, the readings for this module, and the Internet, review these contemporary theories of motivation. Then, correctly apply the appropriate theory to the following two scenarios:

A professional working for a….