Evidence Matrix

Complete the attached “Evidence Matrix” to list five research evidence sources (levels I–III) from scholarly journal sources you locate in major medical databases.
Note: Four different authors should be used for research evidence. Research evidence must not be more than five years old.
Note: You may submit your completed matrix as a separate attachment to the task or you may include the matrix within your paper, aligned to APA standards.
Note: Be sure to upload a copy of the full text of the articles with your submission.
Download the matrix from Taskstream. Enter the 5 research articles (Level I – III) in the table using the level and quality guide toolkit to determine the correct level. The research design/type should be quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods. Remember, level 1 are randomized controlled trials only, level 2 are quasi-experimental only, and everything else is level 3. For systematic and integrative reviews, read the level 1-3 definitions in Appendix C. The sample size for review studies are the number of articles reviewed. Please read chapter 6 & 7 and be sure not to include non research evidence such as quality improvement projects in the table .
The first resource is ok and can be kept like that. only research article.

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