Explain fully and clearly from academic journal article research what types of differences exist between men and women in negotiation?

Differences exist between men and women in negotiation

Explain fully and clearly from academic journal article research what types of differences exist between men and women in negotiation?

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Response-1( Raj Kumar Kandhi )


Men and women analyze things differently, where women have more variant ways of negotiation and dealing with conflict as compared to men. In negotiation, the involved parties are out to get the best interest for themselves. However, where the situation does not end in a win-win relationship, conflict arises. This paper discusses how men and women conduct their negotiations, looking into the differences in their negotiation skills.

It is unbelievable how men and women are different right from how they approach negotiations. When women prepare thoroughly, establish familiarity and have a collaborative approach, men use a distributive approach, establish casual rapport and prepare fairly less as women do. As their own advocates, men negotiate better than women who are effective as advocates for others. These differences in approach already show how men and women have variant goals and ideas in negotiation (Mazei, Hüffmeier, Freund, Stuhlmacher, Bilke & Hertel, 2015).

When men are very competitive, women are not. Men aggressively pursue what they want when women choose to remain quiet about it. This, therefore, shows women as collaborative where they prefer a win-win situation and men are concerned with their own winning. Women are flexible while men are rigid and uncompromising. Women can, therefore, accommodate the other parties in a negotiation while men view accommodating as a loss. This shows that when women are very considerate of others, men put themselves first.

Other differences include that women tend to avoid conflict, while men are aggressive. Women, therefore, withdraw when negotiations get heated up when men take it as the opportune time to dive in. Women are also accommodating and thus may be better skilled at business negotiations as compared to men. Men, on the other hand, are goal- oriented and thus prefer to stick to their plan. They are not flexible (Mazei, Hüffmeier, Freund, Stuhlmacher, Bilke & Hertel, 2015).

While women are active listeners as they are concerned with creating an agreement with positive outcomes for all involved parties, men plan their next statement more than they listen as they are hasty to reach the decision. Since women are flexible, they adopt tactics more easily as compared to men, who always stick to their plan. Women also consider relationships during negotiation as compared to men who hold them distinct from the issues of discussion.

This discussion shows that men and women have their own ways of discussion. The nature of women as caretakers makes it complicated to negotiate while men are naturally comfortable negotiating.


Mazei, J., Hüffmeier, J., Freund, P. A., Stuhlmacher, A. F., Bilke, L., & Hertel, G. (2015). A meta-analysis on gender differences in negotiation outcomes and their moderators. Psychological bulletin, 141(1), 85.

Response-2(  Shravan Rapul )


Explain fully and clearly from academic journal article research what types of differences exist between men and women in negotiation?

Transactions prompt the difficult issues on occasion due to these Gender-based Stereotypes since ladies are thought to be more quiet and tolerant and keeping in mind that men are more forceful. These harms are a result of the reality we don’t see the sort of conduct in ladies going energetically and notwithstanding utilizing some foul dialect to influence the arrangement to happen and commonly we can’t consider them to be agreeable as men being aggressive in completing the transaction. That is a result of the reality the men utilize the certainty they have when it is in genuine need of some execution based setting in the arrangements. Also, the other purpose behind this distinction in practices is on account of the manner in which they were developed from the youth in view of the social contrasts (Bowles, McGinn, and Pradel, 2006). The kind of authority set up by the men amid the arrangement is errand situated while the ladies utilize the relationship-arranged characteristics. So mostly female pioneer would truly take in the circumstances and adjust appropriately. So this is one that truly matters in the present world since one needs to ace the aptitude to perform well (Bowles, McGinn, and Pradel, 2006).The yearnings truly don’t diverse either in the two people. Furthermore, the majority of the circumstances, it is ladies who confront more backfire when considered with men. While considering with men, ladies who are self-upheld exceeds expectations in negotiation. Men beat ladies when there is an execution based circumstance.

Be that as it may, ladies are nearly more passionate and natural. This influences the other party to like individual expert terms; feel more great and simple to work with. The two people are ground-breaking mediators in their own particular manners. Transaction style likewise relies upon the character of a man. A few ladies might be more solid and particular, not extremely passionate and tolerant. They would simply need to complete the business with no different strings. They won’t hurt the other party by being impolite; neither will they get candidly joined to them. Then again, a few men are great audience members and endeavor to comprehend the circumstance of other gathering. They will effectively lead the arrangement while keeping up peace and relationship. All in all, however sex assumes a part in transaction styles, one’s close to home character impacts the aftereffects of arrangement and connection between both the gatherings.


Bowles, H. R., McGinn, K. L., & Pradel, D. W. (2006). When Gender Changes the Negotiation. Retrieved from https://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/when-gender-changes-the-negotiation

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