Design a horizontal pressure vessel

Project : Design a horizontal pressure vessel

Known conditions:
Horizontal cylinder with two standard elliptical head, double saddle support, two M36 bolts are used for each
saddle, as shown in Figure 1. The inlet nozzle (Φ108 ) is on the top of cylinder at 3/L location, and the
outlet nozzle (Φ108 ) is at the bottom of cylinder at 2/L location.
Figure 1 Structure of horizontal pressure vessel
× 6
× 6
Parameter Value Parameter Value
1. Submit design calculation manual, including
✓ Design the cylinder and head;
✓ Strength check of cylinder, head, saddle in operating condition and hydrostatic test condition.
2. Submit engineering drawing of this horizontal pressure vessel (Size A1).
Design temperate
(Tc) 60°C Operating temperature
(Tw) 40°C
Internal diameter of
the cylinder (Di)
2400mm(for Chemical Engineering
3000mm(for Environmental Engineering
Length of cylinder (L)
5000 mm(for Chemical
Engineering students)
6000mm(for Environmental
Engineering students)
Length of straight
line of standard
elliptical head
50mm Welding coefficient (Φ) 1.0
Corrosion allowance
2mm Density of containing
medium (γ) 621kg/m3
Materials used for
cylinder and heads Q345R Materials used for
saddle Q235-A
Operating pressure (p 0.32MPa w Design pressure (p ) 0.5MPa ) c
List all the demonstration and formula as detail as possible, and turn in your project in a printed version.

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