Individual Script ISBAR format – Mrs Ally Peterson

Teams will be asked to function in the capacity of a community nurse who is allocated a workload for a single day. Teams are provided with patient scenarios related to four patients with varying chronic conditions who require to be seen on your morning shift (0700 – 1530hrs). One of these is a new patient and requires a longer, more extensive visit. Each team will present the following information to the tutorial facilitator and be able to respond to questions. The presentation will take the format of community handover and will include:
1. An outline of the community nurse role in relation to each patient
2. ISBAR handover for each patient. You should use components of the clinical reasoning cycle to guide your ISBAR handover.
3. Daily planner including clinically justified patient appointment order, travel time, patient consult time, notes and meal breaks
• Individual script (with in-text citations) and individual reference list.
• 5minute individual presentation time (speaking)
• APA 6th Edition as per the ACU study guide
• Minimum of 14 academic standard references / peer-reviewed sources
• References must be published between 2012 and 20



Identify yourself/patient information
Situation/current issue
• Identify the problem or current issue
• Why are you visiting them?
• Consider the patient/collect cues
• What is the pathophysiology of the clients’ current condition?
• How do other existing comorbidities affect the current issue?
• What is your understanding of the clients’ current medication including pharmacology?
• What information do you need to gather before your visit?
• What further information do you need to gather while you with the patient?
• Establish goals – what is it that you aim to achieve through your care and how will you
• undertake the care required?
• What strategies will you use to evaluate the outcomes?
• What do you need to follow up at the next appointment?

Mrs Ally Peterson – Estimated consult time 1-1.5hrs
Address: 18 Gleeson St, Northlakes
Age: 38

Current medical history
• Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS)
• Neuralgia
Fatigue (heat sensitive)
• Diplopia
• Constipation
• Dysphonia
Social History
• Ally lives with her partner Taylor in a ground floor apartment. They have two daughters, 9 and 12 years old.
Current medication
• Baclofen 5 mg TDS
• Diazepam 5 mg nocte
• Coloxyl and Senna 2 tablets OD
• Gabapentin 300 mg OD (trial)
Current issue being managed
• Pain management and ADL assistance

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